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RoamingSIM have low cost calls rates that are very simple to understand. They do vary from country to country so use the calculator below to view our rates. First select the country you'll be in when you make your call; then choose the country you'll be calling. Please make sure you also click on the More button on the Calculator to ensure you understand what rates you will pay depending on the carrier you choose.

Please note the RoamingSIM Plus is our new standard SIM product and all SIM's ordered from the website will be RoamingSIM Plus cards.

All calls will be rated at a minimum duration of 60 seconds and then in units of 60 seconds thereafter.
All data sessions will be rated in 25KB increments (rates displayed below are per 100KB).
SMS's are charged per 160 characters. If you send longer messages these will be charged per 160 characters.

Note: If you purchased a RoamingSIM card before September 2012 you are an owner of our original RoamingSIM card which does not provide you with the lowest rates in some countries. If you would like a SIM upgrade please click here. (You must be logged in to do so)

Please note: Our USA rates does not include the State of Alaska. Rates for calls, SMS and data in Alaska will be charged at rest of world rates.

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